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Commissions OPEN!

  YES!  I've decided to throw open the doors (the doors to MY MIND) and start taking commissions! If you need an avatar, or a banner for your website or social media then drop me a line! Or perhaps you'd like a signed, personalised sketch or print? Heck, maybe you'd even like a 3-panel strip cartoon of your very own?  I have been working as a freelance cartoonist and writer for almost 13 years, producing comics and cartoons for the Beano, Dandy, Viz and Private Eye. I've also worked with small businesses, done private commissions and drawn many, many signed sketches at conventions and workshops. Whatever your requests, please drop me an email at  and we can discuss your requirements and fees! I promise I don't bite. Or BYTE, as I am human.  Speak soon! - Fanton (a human).

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