April, Fool!

Cover by Laura Howell

 It's March the 32nd...HA! Got you! It's actually April 1st, you FOOLS! I can't believe I tricked you like that. You should have seen your faces!

There's fools a-plenty in this week's Beano, out today! Julian from Posh Street is a FOOL for love when he meets Toots in the Bash Street Kids in our spin on the classic play, Romeo and Juliet by some bloke called William Shakespeare. Never heard of him, myself. Script by me, art by the LEGEND that is David Sutherland!

Meanwhile, Minnie the Minx is making a FOOL out of a wrestler called Crusher! And is that the original Smasher - from out of The Dandy - as one of the other wrestlers, now all grown up? Maybe! Who can say? I could, and I say yes, yes it is. Script by me, art by the magnificent Laura Howell!

And finally, Calamity James is FOOLED by a penny! We've all been there. Script by me, art by the fantastic Leslie Stannage!

Find all of this and MUCH more in the Beano out today! Find it in any good newsagent, or - in these isolating times, take out a subscription and get it delivered to your door or pick up a digital sub! While the world may seem a bit scary at the moment, your Beano chums will still be there to lift your spirits! And that's NO April Fool!

- Fanton.


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