Welcome to Fant-TV!

Here's where you can watch some videos of things that I've either helped make or made myself. It's like television but on the internet! I'm amazed no-one has thought of this before.

So, what's on Fant-TV today?

The Carrotty Kid

Back in 2004 I pitched my webcomic, The Carrotty Kid, to Cosgrove Hall Films (they wot made Danger Mouse and Count Duckula) with a view to turning it into a cartoon. They liked the idea, and so began a close working relationship where we tried to make that happen. Alas, while it never came to fruition (or even veg-ition) we did get an awesome little pilot episode out of it which you can watch below. It was produced by John Doyle, directed by Mike Whatie and features Marc Silk as CK/Cobb and the late, legendary Burt Kwouk as Master Che-Ri. Check it out, chums!

How To Draw...

The Dandy made a point about shoving us bewildered, sheltered cartooning types in front of a camera to make how to draw videos for their website and social media feeds. Here are two that I did, one showing you (yes, YOU) how to draw George and Dragon, the other Bad Grandad. Check them out! I'll expect your finished drawings on my desk PRONTO.

Th-th-that's all, folks!


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