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Oh, so you want MORE comics, do you? Well I've got your more comics RIGHT HERE! I do hope you like them.

This is a selection of comics I wrote and drew for The Dandy between 2010 and 2012. Here you'll find George vs Dragon, Boo the useless ghost and many more besides!

All strips here are © DC Thomson and Co.

George vs Dragon

The first strip I successfully pitched to The Dandy, re-imagining the classical tale of St. George and the Dragon as a slapstick farce in the style of Tom and Jerry. It ran between 2010-2012, and keeps popping up in annuals to this day - keep your eyes peeled for the 2021 Dandy annual! 

Boo! was the second series I got published in The Dandy, following the misadventures of a really terrible spook. 

Harry and his Hippo
Another idea I pitched was a revival of the classic 80s Dandy strip, Harry and his Hippo. This was my take on it, and it proved popular enough to win a reader's poll to get a full series! Hip-hippo hooray!

Cavemen in Black
Movie and TV parodies were popular in the revamped Dandy, so this was my contribution - a spin on Men in Black featuring dinosaur-hunting cavemen.

Bad Grandad
I was thrilled to be asked by Dandy deputy editor Michelle O'Donnell to co-create a new strip called Bad Grandad, featuring the titular poorly-behaved pensioner. The strip was well received by readers and he too will be returning for the Dandy annual 2021!

Dave the Squirrel made many cameos in some of my other strips before finally graduating to his own mini-strip in The Dandy. 

The Not-So Mighty Thor, a parody of...well, you know.

I hope you've enjoyed scrolling through these comics! Stay tuned for more funnies in the future!


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