You've stumbled upon the website of freelance writer and cartoonist Andy Fanton! Congratulations!

I have been working freelance for some ten years now, and have had either my drawings or writings (or both) published in the likes of The Beano, The Dandy, Viz, and Private Eye to name but four! I've also worked with Cosgrove Hall Films, BBC Radio 4 Extra as well as producing work for numerous businesses and private clients.

Currently my main 'gig' is writing for The Beano every week, where I pen the antics of The Bash Street Kids, Minnie the Minx and Dangerous Dan. What larks!

I'm based in Portsmouth, I have one son, and two legs. When I'm not creating, I like to be a dad, play board games, play videogames, read, watch films, go out with my chums and sometimes I like to sit down and write short biographies about myself.

My favourite colour is purple.

Will that do?

Feel free to browse my works, and if you want us to work together then please do get in touch! Otherwise, happy browsing! Don't be a stranger!

- Andy Fanton, 2022.


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